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Consulting Packages: About
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Get me/us to Mexico!

You'll receive personal consultations (up to 5 hours) with Becca, the owner and operator of Mexico for Freedom, where you'll receive the detailed information you need for a soft landing in Mexico.

Services include:

  • Getting you here - all you need to know

    • What should I bring?​ How do I enter as a tourist and get 180 days? What about data/cell service when I land? How do I navigate airports and bus stations when I don't speak Spanish?

  • Support for accommodations upon arrival

  • Explanation of FMMD Tourist visas vs. Temporary or Permanent Residency

  • Internet availability, reliability and cost / cost of utilities

  • Public transportation and getting around

  • Access to private client Telegram group

  • Special services needed for travel

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The Works!

In this package, you'll also receive consultations and personalized support for 6-12 months to help you not only survive, but THRIVE in Mexico

  • Temporary or Permanent Residency Managed Services - professional guidance and step-by-step expertise in preparing for your Mexican Consular appointment (including evaluation of your financials - economic solvency being a primary requirement for Mexican residency). Helping you navigate the various "tramites" or appointments fundamental to your success in obtaining your "residencia temporal o permanente"

  • Rental Property - access to local rental availability (in the Lake Patzcuaro region), advice, and and help negotiating the best rental price 

  • Banking and moving money in Mexico and to/from abroad

  • Should you purchase a Mexican car? Car insurance, car registration and how to secure a Mexican driver's license locally

  • Should you bring your foreign-plated car to Mexico? How TIPs work in Mexico

  • Relocating a family with children? Consultation and recommendations on pediatricians, local or online education options and more

  • "Special services" needed for travel when leaving Mexico

  • Residente Temporal Renewals - a supplemental charge for either remote renewal support ($100 USD) or in person support (Morelia INM office only for $250 USD)

*DISCLAIMER* I make no guarantee either explicitly stated or implied that you will be able to obtain Residency status in Mexico as I have no influence over issuing authorities for visas in Mexico. But I will provide my best advice and guidance based on proven results with my clients.

Consulting Packages: About
Consulting Packages: About


Customized for you!

Often there are special situations, obstacles and challenges to overcome that result from moving abroad. Each client's situation is different - we can create a custom solution priced for individual/family needs that fall outside of standard relocation services. In this case, we'll discuss the challenge(s)/problem(s) at hand and will work together to customize a support package that fits your needs. 

This normally would apply to existing Gold clients who need specialized support. Please contact us to schedule a consultation. 

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